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Certification English AIRtrac - North American Safety Certificate
Certification English AIRtrac - CB Test Certificate Safety
Certification English AIRtrac - Declaration of Conformity - Ordinary Location
Certification English SONARtrac - Telemetering Equipment for Use in Hazardous Locations Certified for Canada (Excerpt)
Certification English SONARtrac - Declaration of Conformity - Hazardous Location
Data Sheet English AIRtrac™ Process Monitoring System
Data Sheet English SMARThatch® AIRtrac™ Datasheet
Manual English Supplement to Installation & Startup Manual: Elevated Temperature Sensor Head Installation
Manual English AIRtrac Mobile System Installation
News Article English Concrete Products - September 2013
News Article English 2017 Robust Air Report • Aalto University
News Article English CiDRA Concrete • Diesel Progress Article
News Article English Exosite Case Study • Modernizing Concrete Monitoring
News Article English HED Case Study • IoT Solution Leverages Real-Time Data to Monitor Concrete Quality
Ordering Information English AIRtrac System - Pre-installation Survey
Ordering Information English SMARThatch - Hatch Design Options and Measurements
Other English AIRtrac - Customer Testimonial - Blakeslee
Other English AIRtrac - Customer Testimonial- Armtec
Other English KE-Miller-AIRtrac-Testimonial
Service Brochure English SMARThatch™ Driver's Card
Service Brochure English SMARThatch™ Quickstart Guide
Technical Paper English 2004 ISA Expo • Speed of Sound Augmented Coriolis Meters
Technical Paper English 2004 ISA Exhibit and Conference
Technical Paper English 2013 PCI • New Sensor for In-Mixer Air Volume Measurement
White Paper English Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring of Air Content in Fresh Concrete
White Paper English Real-Time Measurement of Air Content in Fresh, Air‐Entrained Concrete at Tilcon